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I came to see Dr Gupta after 8 years of very poor health. I felt like a prisoner in my own body. I had been diagnosed by my GP as having chronic fatigue syndrome with no hope of recovery. I left my first visit to Dr Gupta with a renewed sense of hope after having the most thorough investigation I’ve ever had. No stone was left unturned. It’s now 2 months since I began my treatment plan and it really is miraculous! Thank you so much. I feel unlocked from the prison of my body and it is getting better and better. This has quite literally changed my life. I feel so much gratitude and want to shout from the rooftops to let people know that there is a way out. I know there’s more to do but that doesn’t phase me as I now have the energy to continue. Thank you Dr Gupta for giving me my life back. This has been the greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself and my family. Laura, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I found Dr. Gupta after suffering from an eczema breakout over my entire body for 9 months at that point, which was described by my dermatologist to be in the “worst 1% of cases I have seen in my life”. Eczema (and acne) have been a problem in my life for many years, as well as debilitating menstrual issues. I had seen numerous doctors about my problems and was on various steroid creams until I came to Dr. Gupta. So far, I have had one round of testing and one protocol prescribed and all my symptoms started to rapidly improve - my menstrual issues are virtually gone, and my eczema and acne are 80% cleared. Dr. Gupta was the first doctor who told me that my issues were treatable and who could give me a reason for my issues other than “genetics”, as well as a solution working with my body rather than against it, using diet & lifestyle changes, herbal medicine and targeted supplementation. I cannot stress enough how personalised medicine has helped me overcome my issues, especially as I had been on a very healthy diet and supplement protocol for a long time before which did not help. Apart from the professional and impactful care, Dr. Gupta was incredibly kind and empowering, attentively listening and not dismissing my experience and input. Dr. Gupta seems genuinely passionate about helping people, and at no point tried to push extra services or endorsed products on me, and offered additional recommendations and e-mail support before I will be able to book my next session. I am incredibly grateful as Dr. Guptas care has absolutely changed my life and very much recommend it to anyone struggling with their health!Daisy, Eczema
For several years I have struggled with various debilitating symptoms which included headaches, memory problems, brain fog fatigue, pins and needles, constipation and rashes. Conventional doctors could not find anything untoward and wanted to put me on anti-depressants. Then I found Dr Gupta who listened to me, looked at my whole lifestyle and did comprehensive investigations including blood, urine and stool tests. The results showed that I was deficient in most of my vitamins and minerals and I also had a significant bacterial and fungal overgrowth in my gut which explained my vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Dr Gupta prescribed supplements and dietary changes which I have followed without wavering for the last 4 months. I am still undergoing treatment but my symptoms have markedly improved. I have more energy, mental clarity and I no longer suffer from constipation or headaches. I'm beginning to get my life back thanks to Dr Gupta and her expertise in functional medicine. Tracy, unexplained medical symptoms
Having been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis around 16 years previously and an extended period of unsuccessful treatment with anti inflammatory medication, my consultant at the local Gastroenterolology department was pushing me to move to the next level of treatment which involved either biologics or immunosuppressant treatments. Having taken a second opinion on this and with previous history of a grade 1 Astro Cytoma, I was not at all comfortable with this development. The path seemed a well trodden route to increasingly aggressive and invasive treatment with the eventual possibility of surgical intervention. I was also told that with a consistently high reading of Calprotectin, I was at significantly increased risk of developing bowel cancer. With this background and advice, in some desperation we then embarked on a very restrictive diet with a nutritionist with limited success and after 18 months of this we came across Dr Gupta after research online. Dr Gupta undertook extensive blood, stool and urine tests and analysed the results with us in a way that combined traditional and functional approaches. We have been on this programme now for nearly 2 years and for the first time since diagnosis in 2006, I feel that I am in remission. My symptoms have stabilised, I am now able to operate in my daily life in a way that was simply not possible under traditional medication and I have successfully reduced my anti inflammatories from the maximum dose to almost 50%. Other effects of the treatment under Dr Gupta have been widespread such as energy, focus, mental wellbing and general lifestyle. I am now able to take a much longer term view of day to day situations, I now am able to deal with increased stress without this having a knock on effect on my UC and have a much clearer mind to deal with issues at work and home. This has been a complete lifestyle shift, I do not think it would have been possible without either Dr Gupta’s experience or an absolute dedication to the programme from my side, it is not easy and it is a long road but as someone who started the journey with some scepticism, I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending it to anyone experiencing medicl issues and frustration with the cut and paste treatment programmes offered under the prevailing traditional approach in their region. It does require complete commitment to the programme however it is certainly worth sticking to it long term as the results are profound.Kurt James – CEO, ulcerative colitis
Our 8 year old son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease close to 4 years ago, we started along the conventional medicine route but soon realised that long term this was not the most ideal nor healthiest way. We sought Dr Guptas help and have not been disappointed. She is helping strengthen our sons body/immune system through diet/supplements and lifestyle changes. After 6 months we have already seen big improvements in his health and also his blood work. We look forward to continuing working with Dr Gupta in the future and couldn’t recommend her enough!Victoria Gardner, Crohn’s disease
Thank you for all your incredible help and changing my health and well being, I have improved under your care dramatically and I am so incredibly grateful for your support and expertise. It has been a long journey for me, hard work but all was worth it 100%. My family have me back, my work have me back and I found myself once again. It was a scary time for me 3 years ago when I contacted you for the first time, I could not think straight when we were on the phone, and now I can work and look after my children, I will be forever grateful for your care. Anna Kotek, unexplained medical symptoms