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I started my journey with Dr. Gupta in 2019. I suffered from severe hayfever for many years, and my frustration with the conventional approach of treating the symptoms rather than the root cause is what prompted me to look for an alternative way of tackling the issue. Spending six months every year on high strength anti-histamines was not something I wanted to continue doing. The last 3 years has been a fascinating voyage of discovery. Dr. Gupta's empirically based, 'total system' approach has helped me understand the way my body works, what it needs, and what is doesn't need. Through a combination of diet, supplement and lifestyle interventions we have gradually but dramatically transformed my overall health, with the primary focus being on improving my gut health. My hayfever symptoms have almost disappeared (this year I have only had to take anti-histamines on 2 occasions), I sleep better and I have more energy. Emma – Hayfever
I decided I needed to see a functional doctor because there was very little that general medicine could offer for my chronic conditions of Endometriosis & CFS. I just knew there was more going on beneath the surface and more that could be done! I was so happy to find Dr Suman Gupta. She has been so determined to help me with her natural but very specialised protocols, focusing on the body as a whole & finding the root causes. Hope returned & in just a few months, with changes to diet, lifestyle & supplements, my energy, strength and overall health has improved tremendously. I’m entering my 2nd part of the treatment plan & am excited for even more healing and life changing results. I am so grateful for Functional medicine & Dr Suman Gupta.C. Dawson – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I first saw Dr Gupta when I was diagnosed with long Covid and had seen many traditional doctors, who were helpful in keeping my condition stable, but only with medication. After extensive tests Dr Gupta put me on a treatment plan that has healed me in so many ways. I had symptoms such as extreme fatigue, low BP and heart palpitations all night long. All those conditions are a thing of the past but more so, I feel a sense of mental clarity and physical energy that I have never experienced before. Her advise has not just restored my health but also my mental and psychological being after suffering Long Covid for nearly a year. I’m so grateful to have had Dr Gupta treat me. Nishka, Long-Covid
Dr Gupta has been treating my entire family since my PCP recommended her to me when conventional testing medicine failed to uncover underlying causes of my illnesses. I started seeing Dr Gupta 2.5 years ago and I can say this was one of the best things I have done for myself. Through a series of blood, stool and urine tests she uncovered root causes of my health issues. Dr Gupta prescribed various probiotics and supplements as part of my treatment plan and since I have been taking them I am feeling better and better. My 11-year-old son has been treated by Dr Gupta as well and we are seeing good results with his treatment as well. I would highly recommend Dr Gupta to anyone who wants to uncover the root cause of their health issues and more natural ways of fixing them, especially if conventional medicine is failing to help. Anna K, Complex medical symptoms
I decided to see Dr. Gupta after years of stomach pain, bloating and IBS-like symptoms. I had been suffering since I was 15 and no one had been able to put a finger on the causes of my symptoms - especially as many had been normalised and categorised as “liveable”. Dr. Gupta emphasised the importance of the gut microbiome in a way that not only validated my own discomfort and intolerance of my symptoms but also indefinitely changed my approach to looking after my body. After cycles of various pills and food restriction/replacements, I have not looked back. I must admit, it was hard to see the light at first but I can well and truly vouch for the fact I am now fully equipped to deal with the highs and lows of life. The days of rock hard bloating and unidentifiable stabbing cramps are well in the past - I feel so much more attuned to what makes my tummy tick, all thanks to Dr. Gupta! Willow, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
I came to see Dr Gupta on advice of my wife (who was also a patient), as I started experiencing symptoms that I did not have when I was younger, including tiredness and proneness to catch common viruses. After just over a year of treatment, I have seen significant improvement in my energy level, my focus and my resilience. Following all the eating limitations may seem daunting at the beginning, but my body adjusted to it after a couple months and now it is difficult for me to see how I can go back to eating the way I used to. My body simply rejects unhealthy foods at this point. Denis, Immune issues