Functional doctor for functional medicine

A London clinic offering lifestyle and nutritional treatments with bespoke doctor consultations and state of the art testing to reverse chronic disease and optimise health. We have a team of certified health experts based in both our Harley Street and Kew clinics.

We use ground breaking 21st century blood, urine and stool testing with up-to-date evidence based research to optimize health in all our patients. With an extensive NHS conventional medical background and experience of working alongside leading functional medicine experts, we use a combined nutritional and integrative medicine approach to diagnose and treat the root cause of ill health.

We recognise the uniqueness of our patients and carefully guide them through their journey to reach optimal health, educating them with the knowledge and motivation they need to maintain their optimum.

The functional 5 R's


Remove the toxins and allergens responsible for a condition.


Replace the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body.


Encourage the production of good bacteria in the gut.


Increase the intake of antioxidants to promote cell growth.


Rebalance hormones and the mind to improve health.

Reversing Disease and Optimising Health

Getting to the root of the problem is imperative, and masking symptoms without treating the cause only prolongs and worsens the complexity of chronic disease. Evidence based medicine is at the heart of Dr Gupta's practice. She uses thorough testing to understand the individual’s biochemical complexity together with 21st century genetic tests to form a comprehensive individualized treatment plan for patients.

Reversing disease through functional medicine
After the death of my Mother in 2001, my health began a spiral downward turn which was ultimately diagnosed as Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. This is an autoimmune condition which expressed itself as numbness in my face, liver disease, Reynards disease and an under active thyroid. I was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine which I read had side effects that I did not want to risk, they being effecting the macular of the eyes. Over the years I have managed without invasive medication as I was not in pain, except taking thyroxine. Approximately two years ago I experienced a very serious painful rheumatic-like body pain which immobilised me and was treated with steroids and eventually hydroxychloroquine. It passed eventually with the medication and then I gradually stopped taking the drug but the pains returned in my arms and hands. I was mortified and began researching functional medicine after my son was healed in the USA by a Functional medicine Doctor. I searched through the organisation but only wanted someone with a medical background and discovered Dr Suman Gupta. When I met her for the first time and she took blood tests, arranged for other tests and was familiar with my condition, I felt like I had at last arrived home! Since then I have not experienced any pain and am feeling so much better. I am excited that her attitude and mission is to develop optimal health and not just to remove the initial illness. I am a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychotherapy and sometimes feel I am being treated as though I am ignorant. It is so refreshing to be treated equally, respectfully and with humour and compassion. It is evident that Dr Gupta is passionate about her work and her enthusiasm is contagious. I trust her recommendations and her knowledge completely and always feel free to discuss any reservations I may have. I look forward to optimum health and continued association with Dr Gupta who I consider a good friend. Kind regards
Dr Dori Yusef

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Fasting Mimicking Diet

Yet another fasting diet fad... but is it?? The fasting mimicking diet (FMD) is a diet that involves severe caloric restriction for five days out of the month. It follows the same principle as fasting by temporarily depriving the body of food to take advantage of health benefits like increased fat burning and reduced inflammation. This forces the body to regenerate new cells and in turn has been shown in mice studies to ...

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