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Thank you for all your incredible help and changing my health and well being, I have improved under your care dramatically and I am so incredibly grateful for your support and expertise. It has been a long journey for me, hard work but all was worth it 100%. My family have me back, my work have me back and I found myself once again. It was a scary time for me 3 years ago when I contacted you for the first time, I could not think straight when we were on the phone, and now I can work and look after my children, I will be forever grateful for your care. Anna Kotek, unexplained medical symptoms
I had been struggling with terrible fatigue for a few years. It finally progressed to the point that I was waking up late and going back to bed. The lethargy got the best of me and I visited a functional medicine doctor who missed my diagnosis. When I finally came across Dr. Gupta, I was desperate for some help. She looked at my old tests and took her own new tests and diagnosed me with Hashimotos. Which was consistent with my fatigue, and chronic low energy. I knew something was off, I knew that this feeling couldn't be normal. She prescribed me two medicines and several supplements. She also set me up with a consultation with a nutritionist. Determined to feel better, I followed a STRICT diet of what foods to eat and to avoid. I'm now three months into everything. I have been taken off one of the meds and reduced the other by 50%. I've lost ten pounds and feel and look great. I've got energy again. My hope is that I will eventually come off the meds as I continue to heal my body and my gut.Rainy K, Hashimoto’s underactive thyroid
Dr Gupta has been a real saviour for me. I had a serious health crisis about 2 years ago with brain fog, severe fatigue and other debilitating symptoms, which made it difficult for me to carry out my daily activities. I went through at least 10 doctors and no one could find a diagnosable illness. My GP finally suggested that I had a chronic fatigue syndrome. Luckily for me, as I was about to give up, Dr Gupta has helped me to put my life on track through a tailor made programme and I couldn’t be more grateful. I whole heartedly recommend Dr Gupta to any one who suffers from auto immune and / or fatigue issues. She’s wonderful!Anonymous, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
I had been suffering with long covid for 18 months when I found Dr Gupta. I was stuck at about 40% health and feeling very low. I had already seen the long covid clinic and felt quite disappointed that there didn't seem to be much they could do for my fatigue or many other symptoms. Dr Gupta took a full history and really listened to my journey and experiences. Blood tests were organised promptly and within 48 hours she received some results that revealed a thyroid disease and viral reinfection. We also discussed dietary and lifestyle changes which have also had a positive impact on my health. While I am not back to 100% yet, I am at 75% which I couldn't have even imagined achieving before. I have had the steepest recovery in the last 6 months than I have had over my now 2 years of ill health. I attribute that to Dr Gupta and her fantastic guidance, interventions and support. I am so so grateful.Shazi, Long-covid and EBV
I was going through a particularly difficult digestive related time last August 2022. That’s when I made an appointment with Dr Suman Gupta. I had been suffering with Acid Reflux, bowel and other digestive issues for a number of years. The appointment, I instantly realized was a good decision. Her questions and investigations into my personal condition were thorough. Tests were organised immediately. Final Results and findings enabled a personalised health care programme. That included dietary adjustments, menu planning, vitamin and supplement support. She is very supportive and encouraging. I have followed the protocols since September 2022 and I am so much better. Dr Gupta is a a gifted doctor and healer. She is obviously dedicated to her medical profession. I am fortunate to have met her.Lesley Warrell, Gut issues, IBS
After several sessions with Dr Gupta, my energy levels were much improved and I had a wealth of knowledge as to my dietary deficiencies, intolerances and how these might affect my life. I came to Dr Gupta with the intention of bettering my hypothyroidism which, I am pleased to say, has drastically improved, not with the introduction of masses of medication but through lifestyle choices and dietary changes. Thank you Dr Gupta and thank you functional medicine.Poppy, Underactive Thyroid