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I had been experiencing extreme fatigue, alongside a number of other symptoms for over a year, and after numerous unsuccessful visits to my GP I decided to see Dr Gupta and she quickly found I had hyperthyroidism. Rather than just looking to address the symptoms she took the time to narrow down on the route of the problem. Since then I have been following a natural supplementation plan as well as avoiding certain foods in my diet and my thyroid is now in normal range! My symptoms have been greatly reduced and I am feeling better each day. I’m very grateful to have found Dr Gupta and will continue to apply a holistic approach to my health and diet! Ben, Hyperthyroidism – Overactive Thyroid Disease
Dr Gupta is by far the best doctor I have ever been a patient of. She mixes diet and lifestyle recommendations with the best of safe conventional and natural medicine in a truly holistic approach to address the ROOT CAUSE of your health problems and not just your symptoms. Everything is backed up by current scientific evidence and diagnostic testing in an incredibly thorough "functional" approach. With this she has seen the connections between symptoms I've had all my life and set out a clear plan on how to improve. She is a great listener, very approachable, kind, open minded and explains things in a clear and friendly way. People often ask me to explain her approach and when I do I realize I'm actually very proud and fortunate to call her my doctor. I whole heartedly recommend Dr Gupta to anyone looking to better their health, regardless of their ailment, disease or illness.Mark Jenkins, 43. South Wales.
If you want a new approach to health I recommend seeing Dr Gupta ASAP! Dr. Gupta will conduct tailor made tests your GP has probably never heard about, drilling down deep into your unique body chemistry. I have been feeling fatigued for three decades since a Viral infection in my twenties, combined with an assortment of other symptoms too, mainly gut focussed. I feel I have made significant and steady improvement under Dr Gupta’s care via my new regime of diet, supplements and lifestyle changes. Seeing my test results improve over time has been a great barometer of my progress aside from feeling better in myself. On holiday I recently cycled 25km mainly uphill under a blazing sun followed by 2 hours of tennis and had no problem dong the same the very next day! You’ll only make a change in your health by taking ACTION .. and having Dr. Gupta on your side will give you a huge advantage.Paul
Meeting Dr.Gupta has been life-changing for me. I first consulted Dr. Gupta just over a year a go. I am in my mid-fifties and was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I suffered debilitating joint and bone aches, lethargy, poor sleep, with an inability to lose weight. Dr. Gupta is kind, sympathetic and encouraging and for the first time in months I felt someone was interested in helping me feel better. After exhaustive cutting-edge testing, Dr. Gupta formulated a personalised plan involving supplements, dietary advice and prescriptions. When I was presented with a folder with all my results and a plan going forward, I felt a weight had been lifted from me. Following her plan, my joint and bone pain started to subside within a couple of weeks - despite my oncologist telling me that was just something I had to put up with during my cancer treatment. I had been in pain for over 4 years. The fact that Dr. Gupta also practises with the NHS is reassuring, I would not feel comfortable consulting with someone who is not a qualified medical doctor, particularly when you already have a serious medical condition. Dr. Gupta's holistic approach based upon detailed scientific test results means that you have the best of both conventional and functional medicine. The breadth of testing means that there is a complete overall picture of your health, which is particularly important when you have several separate health issues.This would not be possible in a system where you have a 10 minute appointment where you can discuss only one issue. The saying 'your health is your wealth' could not be truer. My friends have all commented on my marked improvement in health and finding Dr.Gupta has been one of the best investments I have ever made.Alison – Joint pain
I came to see Dr Gupta around a year ago when I was suffering from debilitating vestibular migraine (vertigo) following two miscarriages, along with fatigue, anxiety and depression, as I just wasn’t getting better. I had had some mainstream investigations and didn’t want to take the strong drugs recommended to me so decided it was worth trying to find the money to get some holistic, evidence- based investigations and treatment. Dr Gupta diagnosed an autoimmune thyroid condition, which NHS tests did not pick up on, and prescribed T4 along with T3, which is not available on the NHS. All the tests gave me lots of information about what was happening in my body and a treatment plan focused on complete re-balancing rather than just trying to cover up a symptom. I have made big adjustments to my diet and lifestyle also and all in all things have improved a huge amount. It is very reassuring to work with a practitioner who is interested in taking a holistic view as well as being medically trained. I would recommend Dr. Gupta’s services to anyone, but especially if your symptoms are not clear cut and if mainstream treatment or alternative options alone don’t work for you. Anna – Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease
When I first met Dr Gupta 12 months ago I was suffering enormously from debilitating chronic pain, brain fog and fatigue. As well as a whole host of more more minor but very bothersome symptoms. I hadn't been able to work for two months, as a self employed entrepreneur something had to change. Having asked my local GP for tests to try and discover what was causing the chronic pain, and been advised that it would be 'too difficult to diagnose' and I should 'just accept this is my life now' I looked to functional medicine for answers and help. I wanted the full picture of my health - from my genetics, to my adrenals, my gut health as well as a comprehensive look at my vitamin and mineral levels. I also wanted to treat whatever came up as naturally as possible. Dr Gupta uncovered a whole host of reasons for my symptoms and gave me practical advice as to what to do to improve my health and therefore my quality of life. 12 months later I am overjoyed to have very nearly reversed an autoimmune disease, have lowered the chronic pain significantly, and be feeling full of energy and clear-minded again, which is essential for running a business and living my life to the full. Dr Gupta's matter of fact approach and thorough inquiry into my health has been incredible. Knowing I have a Doctor who is interested in my wellbeing and will tell me straight what I need to do in order to feel better has transformed my life. I have gone from surviving to thriving - seeking help from Dr Gupta has been one of the best decisions I've made.Kia