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I came to see Dr Gupta around a year ago when I was suffering from debilitating vestibular migraine (vertigo) following two miscarriages, along with fatigue, anxiety and depression, as I just wasn’t getting better. I had had some mainstream investigations and didn’t want to take the strong drugs recommended to me so decided it was worth trying to find the money to get some holistic, evidence- based investigations and treatment. Dr Gupta diagnosed an autoimmune thyroid condition, which NHS tests did not pick up on, and prescribed T4 along with T3, which is not available on the NHS. All the tests gave me lots of information about what was happening in my body and a treatment plan focused on complete re-balancing rather than just trying to cover up a symptom. I have made big adjustments to my diet and lifestyle also and all in all things have improved a huge amount. It is very reassuring to work with a practitioner who is interested in taking a holistic view as well as being medically trained. I would recommend Dr. Gupta’s services to anyone, but especially if your symptoms are not clear cut and if mainstream treatment or alternative options alone don’t work for you. Anna – Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease
When I first met Dr Gupta 12 months ago I was suffering enormously from debilitating chronic pain, brain fog and fatigue. As well as a whole host of more more minor but very bothersome symptoms. I hadn't been able to work for two months, as a self employed entrepreneur something had to change. Having asked my local GP for tests to try and discover what was causing the chronic pain, and been advised that it would be 'too difficult to diagnose' and I should 'just accept this is my life now' I looked to functional medicine for answers and help. I wanted the full picture of my health - from my genetics, to my adrenals, my gut health as well as a comprehensive look at my vitamin and mineral levels. I also wanted to treat whatever came up as naturally as possible. Dr Gupta uncovered a whole host of reasons for my symptoms and gave me practical advice as to what to do to improve my health and therefore my quality of life. 12 months later I am overjoyed to have very nearly reversed an autoimmune disease, have lowered the chronic pain significantly, and be feeling full of energy and clear-minded again, which is essential for running a business and living my life to the full. Dr Gupta's matter of fact approach and thorough inquiry into my health has been incredible. Knowing I have a Doctor who is interested in my wellbeing and will tell me straight what I need to do in order to feel better has transformed my life. I have gone from surviving to thriving - seeking help from Dr Gupta has been one of the best decisions I've made.Kia
I was “only” diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and was prescribed levothyroxine by the doctor to stabilise it. However, my body was still shut down, fatigue, aching bones, no motivation, brain fog and upset bloated stomach. But my tests always came back normal. I felt embarrassed going to the doctor taking up space when nothing was wrong. This grey area is where functional medicine is excellent. I made three appointments with functional doctors: one for my bloated stomach, another for my thyroid and a third for my migraines and foggy brain. When seeing Dr Gupta, she said the body is interconnected and you can’t treat one symptom alone as they all contribute together to the dis-ease. The biochemistry in the body was off balance and needed to be reset together. The process of functional medicine needs patients as the body needs to reverse itself back to health and heal itself. Together with Dr Gupta we were detectives to find the root cause of why I felt ill instead of patching up the symptom. This often requires complete change of diet and supplements but also a change of mindset and patterns. I taught myself back to health and I own that power. Dr Gupta was amazing leading the way to health. I got a new life. I have the perky, curious energy I had as a teenager that I thought I couldn’t never have again. This is real anti-aging from inside out. E.O.
THANK YOU. I’d like to say a really big thank you for the love, care and deep knowledge that you have put into my diagnosis. Everything makes sense. I wish every doctor were like you!Esperanza
Before coming to Dr Gupta and partaking in her practices, I struggled with swallowing my food as it would take me an hour or two to finish. I also had a gastro-reflux problem which would add to my inability to eat my food. I went to many doctors where they diagnosed me but failed to solve any of my issues, especially the gastro-reflux, with any conventional medicine. Thus, when we heard about the functional doctor’s method’s, we were keen to give this a try. Through eliminating certain food groups and taking daily supplements, I have seen an improved difference in my eating and some gained weight, in just three months. I find it easier to swallow my food which allowed me to finish my meals at a more natural time. The process of treating the whole body and in particular focusing on my gut by resetting the functionality, enabled me to gain great health benefits. Overall I feel much healthier, and wholeheartedly believe that this method works. Jaideep
When I first met Dr Gupta I was in very bad health. I had extreme fatigue, severe eczema and painful, irregular periods. As someone that also suffers from a pre-existing genetic disease, I felt quite demoralised and physically exhausted. Being a doctor who also works within the NHS, Dr Gupta was able to create a treatment plan which combined conventional medicine and her own practices. After running many detailed tests, Dr Gupta was able to form an accurate picture of the problems I faced. Her work with functional medicine is pragmatic and is based on the evidence of the results. Furthermore, she researches the products she prescribes thoroughly, and all are of a high quality. Working with my pre-existing condition Dr Gupta created a detailed and effective treatment plan. Five months later I am greatly improved, and though still on the road to recovery, I shudder to think of what I would have done without her. Dr Gupta is kind, astute and professional, and her effectual approach has ultimately improved my quality of life.Olivia