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Case studies

Case 1:

A 3 year old girl with severe eczema, poor growth and behavioral issues.  The behavioural issues were uncontrolled tantrums and anxiety and fears. She had been seen by conventional specialists who had offered steroid creams and advised she was likely to “grow out of it.”

Following an in-depth consultation diving into all aspects of the child’s health, it became apparent that the root cause was the gut health. Extensive food allergy testing revealed she was had intolerance to bananas and eggs, among other foods. Her vitamin and mineral status showed multiple deficiencies, above all was a completely depleted vitamin B3 level and a inadequate fatty acid status. Studies have shown that Vitamin B3 deficiency is linked to anxiety, and a poor fatty acid status is linked to skin conditions.

Her comprehensive treatment plan included an individualised elimination diet and aggressive supplement regime.  Symptoms began to improve within 6 weeks. On reviewing the little girl 1 year later, her eczema had completely resolved, she was described as being “chatty” at school, and her tantrums were less frequent and much better controlled. She had also jumped up from under the 2nd growth centile to above the 9th centile for her height.

Case 2:

A 39 year old woman with primary unexplained infertility for 9 years and severe pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) symptoms. Poor lifestyle and diet accompanied a highly stressful job. She was referred to me by her fertility acupuncturist for a more holistic approach to her health.

Blood tests revealed, chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalance and autoimmune (Hashimoto’s) thyroiditis with a gene profile which poorly converts into the active thyroid hormone. Thyroid insufficiency can cause infertility and early miscarriage. The overburden of stress had contributed to her ill-health.

Her management plan included a prescription of thyroid hormones and a hormonal precursor, food supplements and thyroid cofactors. The patient was coached for stress and taught coping mechanisms to help her through her difficult fertility journey and she made dramatic lifestyle changes to accompany this.

Following 3 months of her functional treatment, she has lost significant weight, gained energy, PMS symptoms had improved and her inflammatory blood markers had returned to normal.

Case 3:

A 34 year old man with poorly controlled Ulcerative Colitis presented with multiple episodes of bloody diarrhoea, abdominal pain, weight loss, anaemia as well as lack of energy and motivation. He was under the care of a mainstream gastroenterologist and on multiple medications including immunosuppressants and high dose steroids. His diet was poor and included daily fizzy sodas, fast food and high sugars. He was advised by his specialist that dietary changes would not make any difference to his condition and therefore continued on this diet.

Prior to any comprehensive testing or treatment, He was started on an elimination diet based on a combination of FODMAP and GAPS diet. His symptoms began to improve dramatically within weeks. A comprehensive ground-breaking stool test revealed an acute infection with Aeromonas species of bacteria as well as parasites. He was treated with  antimicrobial herbs and specific strains of probiotics. On retesting 8 weeks later, his stools still revealed significant dysbiosis (bad bacteria) persisted. He was prescribed an 8 day course of antibiotics for his gut dysbiosis.

At the 3 month review the colitis was in complete remission. He was taken off the total elimination diet and follows a more nutritional diet plan. He has weaned off his steroid treatment with the support of his specialist and only takes one conventional drug to manage his condition. His calprotectin level, a marker of ulcerative colitis, had returned to the normal range.

Case 4:

45 year old female with newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes and weight gain. An in-depth consultation revealed a medical history of polycystic ovarian syndrome, undiagnosed gestational diabetes, premenstrual tension and depression. She struggled to lose weight and suffered from severe lethargy.

This patient was suffering from many aspect of the metabolic syndrome. Her stressful life and low energy meant making poor food and lifestyle choices. Blood tests revealed chronic inflammation and the leaky gut syndrome. She was put on an elimination diet, increased activity and gut repairing treatment regime for 6 weeks and then weaned onto an individualised cardio-metabolic diet plan. She was prescribed a hormonal precursor to help balance her hormones.

At 3 months, the patient had lost 2 stones in weight, felt energized and was able to wean off her antidepressants.

Case 5

38 year old male diagnosed with Long-Covid months after contracting Covid in 2020. He was suffereing  from symptoms of  chronic fatigue, headaches, intermittent palpitations and chest pain. He was previously fit and healthy and had no medical conditions. He struggled to return to work, exercise or manage daily tasks after contracting covid.

On a full biochemical test panel, his baseline immune health and vitamin and mineral status was uncovered. He was found to have reactivation of the Epstein Barr virus (glandular fever) and had developed new onset Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. Contracting Covid, burdened his immune system and allowed the EBV to reactivate and likely triggered an autoimmune attack on his thyroid. Specific supplements were started to boost his thyroid function and reduce the viral loads whilst optimising his imnmunity. He gradually began to improve.

After 6 months of functional medicine treatment, his long-covid symptoms have resolved and he has been able to return to work and resume his normal activities.

Case 6:

4 year old boy with significant speech delay and diagnosis of autism. Beyond the struggle to communicate, he suffered from constipation, abdominal pain and a restrictive diet dictated by fussy-eating.

Functional medicine tests uncovered fungal gut dysbiosis. A three-month holistic treatment plan addressed nutritional deficiencies and gently restored gut health. The results were astounding: The results were transformative: improved speech development, noticeable behavioural changes with increased focus at school, and a remarkable shift towards a more varied and adventurous diet.

Paediatric functional medicine went to the root of addressing symptoms and we witnessed the blossoming of a child’s spirit, reminding us of the immeasurable power of targeted functional medicine interventions.

Case 7:

14 year old ballet dancer presented with chronic fatigue syndrome and persistent pain. On starting menstruation she started to feel increasingly anxious and suffered from migraines and developed some mild traits of OCD. As she became more withdrawn, her friendships and interpersonal relationships began to decline as she became more overwhelmed with school life.

We joined forces with the school SEND team, paediatrician, physiotherapist and psychotherapist to facilitate a multidisciplinary team approach for optimal care. The functional medicine consultation helped to unveil the diagnosis of benign hyper mobility syndrome. We created a comprehensive rehabilitation programme prioritising every aspect of her care.

A nutritionally dense programme, vitamin B12 injections and a supplement regimen enabled deficiencies to be addressed, hormones to rebalance and gut microbiome to harmonise. In just six months, the girl emerged from the shadows of chronic fatigue, radiating newfound energy and enthusiasm and her migraines resolved.

I approached Dr. Gupta with regards to my children's health issues which in a nutshell and mothers instinct / research was entrenched in malabsorption and SIBO. I wasn't far off the mark. They needed supplementing and a bit heavily too but we got cracking. I am so glad I followed through with my enquiry to Dr. Gupta as my children are remarkably changed in that: There have been noticeable gains in development, speech and social communication. My daughter who was the same weight for a whole year and everyone thought that was ok, went from size 4-5 to 7 - 8 within the first 3 months of supplementing. My last child had serious deficiencies which the 'normal' doctors had failed to pick up on despite my promptings to investigate. The results from Dr.Gupta's analysis picked these up and confirmed my misgivings. She is finally receiving the attention she was ''screaming'' for and is a changed child now with bundles of energy, eating appropriately and with normal bowel motions. I know there's still some journey ahead to recovery but boy am I glad to be a ''stubborn mom'' who wouldn't accept the mantra touted out there that there is nothing to be done with developmentally delayed / SEN children. Many thanks
CapricornMom – Child malabsorption