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After the death of my Mother in 2001, my health began a spiral downward turn which was ultimately diagnosed as Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. This is an autoimmune condition which expressed itself as numbness in my face, liver disease, Reynards disease and an under active thyroid. I was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine which I read had side effects that I did not want to risk, they being effecting the macular of the eyes. Over the years I have managed without invasive medication as I was not in pain, except taking thyroxine. Approximately two years ago I experienced a very serious painful rheumatic-like body pain which immobilised me and was treated with steroids and eventually hydroxychloroquine. It passed eventually with the medication and then I gradually stopped taking the drug but the pains returned in my arms and hands. I was mortified and began researching functional medicine after my son was healed in the USA by a Functional medicine Doctor. I searched through the organisation but only wanted someone with a medical background and discovered Dr Suman Gupta. When I met her for the first time and she took blood tests, arranged for other tests and was familiar with my condition, I felt like I had at last arrived home! Since then I have not experienced any pain and am feeling so much better. I am excited that her attitude and mission is to develop optimal health and not just to remove the initial illness. I am a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychotherapy and sometimes feel I am being treated as though I am ignorant. It is so refreshing to be treated equally, respectfully and with humour and compassion. It is evident that Dr Gupta is passionate about her work and her enthusiasm is contagious. I trust her recommendations and her knowledge completely and always feel free to discuss any reservations I may have. I look forward to optimum health and continued association with Dr Gupta who I consider a good friend. Kind regardsDr Dori Yusef
“I had stomach issues that were affecting both my mental and physical health so came to see Dr. Gupta for a holistic treatment. She conducted a thorough consultation and testing then developed a 90 day treatment plan to repair my gut including supplements, dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes. I experienced increased energy, better digestion and am overall feeling so much better after 90 days. After a prescribed brief break, I’m very excited to start the next phase of the journey to optimize my health with Dr. Gupta.” N. Rempel – London
She is my Saviour! I started getting one allergy after another and it reached to a point where I just couldn't understand what was wrong. After spending 6 sleepless months, one of my friend suggested I should visit Dr. Gupta. She did some extensive tests which no one before did for me, and we finally now know what is wrong with me! (P.s. I am Awesomely Perfect!) My diagnosis finally put all the pieces together. With change in my diet, right supplements and such great support, my life/health/me are at a great place, I am THRIVING!! Holistic approach has changed my perspective and has made me aware of how important it is to listen and understand what body is trying to tell us. Dr. Gupta is such an awesome being, who wants all of us to live our best. I highly recommend her to each and everyone who wants to start their holistic journey of healing and to better heath.Shree, London
I was recommended to see Dr Gupta by a friend of mine. I had various symptoms for which I was seeing a GP, gastroenterologist, neurologist and various other doctors about. The left side of my body had suddenly become numb and weak, I had muscle weakness especially in my legs, twitches, acidity, fatigue, and IBS, to name a few symptoms. I was tired of being diagnosed with different issues, and being put on endless antibiotic courses, antacids and various other medications. I wanted a holistic approach, something that would really get to the root cause rather than cover up various health issues on the surface along with creating more as a result of the side effects of medication. After meeting with Dr Gupta, and having various tests conducted, she was able to identify the issues (including an underactive thyroid which was not picked up by previous doctors) and put me on a healing plan which involved supplements and change of diet and lifestyle. After some months, I saw drastic improvements to my health. Now, my left-sided weakness is almost unnoticeable, my IBS and severe acidity has been cured, my muscles have gained significant strength and my energy levels are like they have never been before! Healing is a commitment and it's a lifestyle which you have to be dedicated to but I assure you when you see the benefits you will be addicted! I cant thank Dr Gupta enough for all she has helped me with, and for taking me out of a dark place. I highly recommend seeing Dr Gupta!S Hassam
I was diagnosed with Hives and Parkinson’s in 2017. After unsuccessful interventions from Dermatologists for my hives I decided to take a holistic approach and went down the Functional Medicine route in 2018 choosing Dr Gupta largely because of her functional and conventional medicine background. Using an array of tests, supplementation and changes to my diet to correct many bodily imbalances I now no longer have to take anti-histamines to control my itchiness, a huge relief!, and don’t believe my Parkinson’s has worsened over the past eighteen months. I remain hopeful that continuing my treatment plan with Dr Gupta will see further improvements in my health. I would thoroughly recommend Dr Gupta to anyone who might be considering a holistic approach to their health problems.Judith, (Pakinson’s Disease)
I have been seeing Dr Gupta for well over 2 years. After extensive food and hormone testing, the supplements she prescribed have increasingly improved my general health and energy. During this time, I have also come off the pill after many, many years on it, and while the initial few months were difficult, the supplements I was prescribed most certainly helped with stabilising my body (and moods!). A few months down the line, I am now seeing better hair and skin quality than I have for years. Dr Gupta's approach to healing is very holistic. It is also great that she is a GP as on occasion she has also supplemented my treatment with more conventional methods where they were required. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who would like to take a more holistic approach to their general health and well-being. K, Berkshire