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I have been seeing Dr Gupta for well over 2 years. After extensive food and hormone testing, the supplements she prescribed have increasingly improved my general health and energy. During this time, I have also come off the pill after many, many years on it, and while the initial few months were difficult, the supplements I was prescribed most certainly helped with stabilising my body (and moods!). A few months down the line, I am now seeing better hair and skin quality than I have for years. Dr Gupta's approach to healing is very holistic. It is also great that she is a GP as on occasion she has also supplemented my treatment with more conventional methods where they were required. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who would like to take a more holistic approach to their general health and well-being. K, Berkshire
Upon receiving an osteoporosis diagnosis the GP consequently wanted to put me on their standard medication for this condition. But when I looked at the possible side effects I got quite frightened. Going deeper in to the subject on what could be done for osteoporosis naturally, I soon found myself in a jungle of does and don´ts. I soon realized that I needed a guide on my road to recovery and luckily found Dr Gupta. We are now 1.5 years down a path that has been quite life changing. It is still early days regarding the effect on my bones but my general health has improved massively. The constant inflammations of joints etc are gone. I am on a diet that gives me energy instead of making me tired and my gut is happy. Reassuring, positive, calm. Dr Gupta is an excellent guide on the road to better health. Lin Hallberg – osteoporosis
I approached Dr. Gupta with regards to my children's health issues which in a nutshell and mothers instinct / research was entrenched in malabsorption and SIBO. I wasn't far off the mark. They needed supplementing and a bit heavily too but we got cracking. I am so glad I followed through with my enquiry to Dr. Gupta as my children are remarkably changed in that: There have been noticeable gains in development, speech and social communication. My daughter who was the same weight for a whole year and everyone thought that was ok, went from size 4-5 to 7 - 8 within the first 3 months of supplementing. My last child had serious deficiencies which the 'normal' doctors had failed to pick up on despite my promptings to investigate. The results from Dr.Gupta's analysis picked these up and confirmed my misgivings. She is finally receiving the attention she was ''screaming'' for and is a changed child now with bundles of energy, eating appropriately and with normal bowel motions. I know there's still some journey ahead to recovery but boy am I glad to be a ''stubborn mom'' who wouldn't accept the mantra touted out there that there is nothing to be done with developmentally delayed / SEN children. Many thanksCapricornMom – Child malabsorption
Dr Gupta’s incredibly in depth health assessment brought to light my hyperparathyroidism which despite my previous history of amenorrhoea for nearly 10 years was never diagnosed. She takes both a medical and holistic approach to health empowering her patients with the knowledge to heal themselves. I would recommend her to anyone looking to optimise their health.Amanda – Hyperparathyroidism
I have been seeing Dr Gupta for well over a year with a multitude of symptoms that has meant many frustrating visits to different specialists over the past few years. With her dedicated ‘detective work’ I’m slowly recovering my health. This is done, in my case, without any medication, but with the use of specific supplements and supportive lifestyle changes. Her approach is not a quick fix, but I feel safe in the knowledge that Dr Gupta is giving me the tools necessary to do what’s needed, and that she relies on evidence based testing, which informs her personalised treatment plans.The knowledge Dr Gupta so willingly shares is underpinned by her compassionate and relatable manner. I sincerely wish this level of care was available to all, and I could not recommend her more highly. Cecilie Grodeland – Unexplained medical symptoms
I was recommended Dr Gupta by a friend as I was complaining about mild IBS and eczema in my ears. My GP had recently done some tests and I had been diagnosed with a fatty liver and high cholesterol. I have been seeing Dr Gupta for just over a year and my IBS symptoms have cleared and I no longer have a fatty liver. Dr Gupta told me I should not be eating gluten after seeing my blood tests and I lost 4 kgs without much effort and my itchy ear symptoms have gone! I encourage anyone that is looking for optimal health to visit her for the best diagnosis of what could be missing from your body in terms of vitamins and minerals as she will not only use functional medicine, she is not opposed to using western medicine to treat you. I have always felt like I was in very safe hands. Mrs A Bamford, 50 years old