When I first met Dr Gupta I was in very bad health. I had extreme fatigue, severe eczema and painful, irregular periods. As someone that also suffers from a pre-existing genetic disease, I felt quite demoralised and physically exhausted. Being a doctor who also works within the NHS, Dr Gupta was able to create a treatment plan which combined conventional medicine and her own practices. After running many detailed tests, Dr Gupta was able to form an accurate picture of the problems I faced. Her work with functional medicine is pragmatic and is based on the evidence of the results. Furthermore, she researches the products she prescribes thoroughly, and all are of a high quality. Working with my pre-existing condition Dr Gupta created a detailed and effective treatment plan. Five months later I am greatly improved, and though still on the road to recovery, I shudder to think of what I would have done without her. Dr Gupta is kind, astute and professional, and her effectual approach has ultimately improved my quality of life.Olivia
I have been a patient of Dr Gupta for 6 months now and it is so encouraging to be looked after by someone who has such a proactive and resourceful attitude to pursuing health. She is very approachable and extremely thorough and being a qualified Doctor, everything is evidence based and all backed up by a thorough protocol of extensive testing. I feel I am making good progress with her and the results show this is the case. Alot of people might not know that such a Doctor exists but if you are looking to improve your health, I cannot recommend her highly enough.James Sanderson
I would like to say a big thank you for Dr Gupta's functional medicine appointment and advice. I am feeling so much better. The pains in my muscles and joints have disappeared. I don't feel anxious anymore and I have so much more energy. My hair has stopped falling out. My constipation has gone. My thyroid results have vastly improved. I've just had my cholesterol re-tested and this has reduced with a positive improvement in my LDL/HDL levels.Emma B.
I found Dr Gupta by doing my own research but thank goodness I discovered her. From the outset she reassured me that she would be able to help me while being honest that it wouldn't be a quick fix. This was music to my ears as I'd been feeling so unwell and debilitated for so long and proving a medical mystery to other health professionals that I was honestly beginning to give up hope of ever feeling my usual healthy and confident self. Dr Gupta not only listened to me but carried out thorough and accurate tests which shed light on what was my underlying health issue. It was such a relief to finally have a name to put to my health problems and to finally embark on the road to recovery. 6 months on from our initial meeting I feel completely back to my normal self. I am continuing to work with Dr Gupta so that my health will continue to improve which will help me thrive and not just survive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Gupta - she will listen, care and guide you to full health.Anne-Marie
Health has always been important to me and I am always looking for ways to improve my overall well being. With a job that involves constant travel and high demands on my body I need extra help to function at my best. Dr Gupta has been both fascinating and life saving! From the first appointment she took the time to listen to me properly, and the full medical history that she took was more thorough than I’ve ever experienced. She was clear about what I wanted to achieve and she explained carefully what she intended to do to help me which was an education! Since then I’ve learned a huge amount about my body and health in general. Myths have been dispelled and I’m now much more informed about what my individual body needs. My uniquely tailored plan was massively detailed and very easy to follow and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my health. It’s so comforting to know exactly what is going on inside my body and to see the test results improving. It’s science at its best and Dr Gupta’s expertise and passion for what she does is exceptional. This is not only curing me of ailments but preventing future illnesses and I highly recommend it to everyone. Follow her advice to the letter and Dr Gupta will have you feeling amazing! Abbie Crisp
I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. Gupta. I’m feeling so much better than before, Dr. Gupta took really good care of me and have improved my overall health and well-being. I have and will continue to recommend her to my family and friends.Dana. A.