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I came to see Dr. Gupta having had a history of chronic fatigue syndrome/ME. I managed to get over the worst of my symptoms several years before I came but I was still suffering from exercise intolerance and issues with sleep. I am a health practitioner myself so I thought that I had explored every avenue to help myself until I came to see Dr. Gupta. She performed a comprehensive panel of tests that helped to identify issues and imbalances that were the missing piece to my frustrating 7-year long puzzle of ill-health. I've been on her personalised program of supplementation for 10 months now and there has definitely been a big change in my tolerance to exercise, stress and my sleep is the most consistent it has been for years. I am only part the way through my program as there is still some work to do on my gut so I am excited to see how much more progress I am able to make. As a health practitioner, I have come across many knowledgeable individuals within the field over the years and I have to say that Dr. Gupta ranks very highly with the best of them!Oliver Eaton, Osteopath
My husband and I went to Dr Gupta to prepare for IVF after a history of recurrent miscarriage. Dr Gupta, through the detailed tests ascertained that I had multiple deficiencies contributing to miscarriage. We both started on a supplement regime. 4 months later we managed to conceive naturally and we are 14 weeks pregnant now. This is an unbelievable outcome but getting to the real source of the issues is THE most effective route and saved us a fortune financially, precious time and total heartbreak which we had already experienced. I can highly recommend Dr Gupta and the functional medicine approach. Maria
I'd been struggling with Vestibular Migraine for the last 10 years and then recently I had begun to have some auto-immune issues. This is when I knew I needed more help, as I didn't just want to take medication and hope for the best, I wanted to get to the root cause of my issues. It made such a difference to have longer consultations so that Dr Gupta could really take the time to learn about my health journey so far and she really looked at me as a whole person, including my lifestyle. It felt amazing to have a plan that I could follow and regain some control over my health, rather than just waiting for the next symptom to emerge. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr Gupta's services and I honestly think that we all need to be adopting a functional approach to health, which would help patients and thereby save the NHS money. J. Griffin
Dr. Gupta is incredibly knowledgeable and professional in what she does. She is one of the best functional doctors I have met and she knows her profession thoroughly. Most importantly she has excellent listening skills which I found vital and she gives accurate guidance with detailed explanation of how and why things should be done. I have benefited greatly through her advice and have been able to get myself strong and fit health status. I will continue referring her to my friends and family and anyone that wants to live a healthy and fit life with full control of his or her body. If this was the Medieval Times she would be known as a ‘Miracle Worker’, in Modern Times she does exactly what she says.Mark-kishon :Christopher: Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge.
I consulted Dr Gupta for an autoimmune thyroid condition I had been diagnosed with. My treatment plan from the NHS consisted of “just take the pills”. I was still feeling tired, lethargic and had other consequences of my condition that I was living with. When I saw a consultant Endocrinologist within the NHS system and questioned whether there was more I could be doing myself to assist the NHS treatment of my condition I got the same response. On seeing Dr Gupta I realised that, with Dr Gupta’s help and treatment plan there was lots more that I could do to help myself. Dr Gupta took the time to explain and develop a treatment plan across all aspect of my life which included diet, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and conventional medication all delivered with patience and kindness. I now feel like I have recovered my zing – something that was missing for several years and I really feel that with Dr Gupta’s help I have taken control of my condition and my health and wellbeing generally.Martin, KENT
I was diagnosed with Anaemia in 2014 and have experienced a further five years of lethargy, weight gain and a turbulent menstrual cycle. As an 18-year-old, it seemed as though I had accepted a lesser quality of life so I decided it was time to take agency over my healthcare. Functional medicine has always been a practice favoured by my family and I too, wanted my healthcare journey to become truly personalised. Within minutes of my consultation with Dr Gupta, I felt respected and listened to in a way that I had not experienced with any other healthcare professional. One of the things that I appreciate most about Dr Gupta is her consideration of your lifestyle and how her plan can fit into that which is paramount to me as a busy student. She quickly created a treatment plan based on my hormonal imbalances which consisted of a detailed (but not overwhelming) diet plan, supplementation and long- lasting lifestyle changes. Within a month, I could feel the profound improvement on my heath and general wellness. My experiences with Dr Gupta have been incredibly empowering and productive; I cannot recommend her highly enough.Hibah, London