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About me

Dr. Suman Gupta is an NHS General Practitioner with over 17 years’ experience in the NHS. Her experience has strengthened her competence and skills in offering a combined conventional and functional medicine approach to health. Dr. Gupta has trained with the Institute of Functional medicine (AFMCP) and works alongside global leading Functional Medicine doctors. She sees patients from all over the world.

As a registered and trained General Practitioner, Dr. Gupta has always applied a holistic approach to treating her patients, combining functional medicine with a conventional approach for many years to prevent and reverse chronic disease. With a special interest and having certified in diabetes care, she has successfully managed and reversed diabetes in several of her patients by applying a holistic approach and adopting a healthier lifestyle. She continues to use this approach to manage chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular risks and disease, depression as well as optimising women’s health and fertility and children’s health.

Getting to the route of the problem is imperative, and masking symptoms without treating the cause only prolongs and worsens the complexity of chronic disease. Evidence based medicine is at the heart of Dr Gupta’s practice. She uses thorough testing to understand the individual’s biochemical complexity together with 21st century genetic tests to form a comprehensive individualized treatment plan for patients.

Dr. Suman Gupta is a UK trained medical doctor and qualified from Aberdeen University in 2004. She continued her training as a General Practitioner and has worked within the NHS for 12 years. She continues to work part-time in the extremely busy NHS Urgent Care Centre in West Middlesex Hospital in West London.

Dr Gupta is a member of The Royal College of General Practitioners, General Medical Council and Institute of Functional Medicine.


 Where it all began…..

“Looking back, I now realise that I had been practicing functional medicine for many years prior to my training as a functional medicine practitioner. At the time, of course, I did not realise that my holistic approach had an entity of its own. Limited by the 10 minute appointment constraints within the NHS, I felt myself hitting a brick wall with the system constantly, doing my patients a disservice and almost never getting to the root of the problem. This was the system structure and although I sensed there was something lacking, I did not feel it was within my reach to rectify it. Along with many of my colleagues, I accepted this as “normal.”

Still my love for science and the patient contact was enough to keep me going. I put my heart and soul into my patient care. I found a path for most of patients to follow. It may not have been perfect but it was holistic and gave a glimpse of hope for what I believed to be incurable and irreversible. That was until I found myself on the other side…

The revelation…..

On beginning the journey of an autoimmune disease with a close friend, I quickly realised that there was something very wrong with the medicine that I was practicing. Every paper I read and every specialist I spoke with repeatedly assured me that diet would make no difference to his condition. Really?! This was an autoimmune disease of the gut and they say “food has no role!” I found this a difficult concept to accept. So I researched and researched. A combination of forums, science and evolving evidence based research equipped me with the resources to devise my own treatment plan. A combination of a specialised diet and a gut restoration program including specific probiotic strains resulted in remission within weeks. A true revelation. I never looked back.

Following this, I led the health journey of many loved ones. I then went on my own healing journey to optimise my health. After several weeks, my body felt the strongest and healthiest it had ever felt. Any worries or fears were replaced by a sense of achievement and an incredible ability to handle stress like never before.

I felt the need to re-evaluate my career path and embarked on the training program with the Institute of Functional Medicine whilst simultaneously undertaking my practical training with a world renowned Functional Medicine expert. I learnt to combine my holistic functional medicine approach with my conventional knowledge both in the London clinic and within the NHS. The results were astounding.


I live and practice as an integrative functional doctor in London. Working alongside global functional medicine doctors equips me with the knowledge base that extends outside of the UK and meets ground breaking worldwide modern medicine.   I also continue to work as a part-time NHS GP which keeps me up-to-date with the mainstream model, which of course has its place and enables me to appreciate the  health journey of my patients’ fully.

I will always be a student to science and medicine and continue to learn every day. I love how fast this field of science is moving and thrive to keep up with the advances in new testing and evidence-based management strategies each day. Every patient is unique and I tailor my approach for them in order to provide each with the most comprehensive and optimal individualised treatment plan.

I am a firm believer of two things; the power of the mind and our genes are not our destiny….”

I'd been struggling with Vestibular Migraine for the last 10 years and then recently I had begun to have some auto-immune issues. This is when I knew I needed more help, as I didn't just want to take medication and hope for the best, I wanted to get to the root cause of my issues. It made such a difference to have longer consultations so that Dr Gupta could really take the time to learn about my health journey so far and she really looked at me as a whole person, including my lifestyle. It felt amazing to have a plan that I could follow and regain some control over my health, rather than just waiting for the next symptom to emerge. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr Gupta's services and I honestly think that we all need to be adopting a functional approach to health, which would help patients and thereby save the NHS money.
J. Griffin