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What to expect and costs

Functional medicine packages london clinic

Dr Gupta offers bespoke consultations, attentively listening, and aims to get to the root cause of your symptoms with view to seeing your health in the context of you as a whole person and not just in terms of your physical symptoms.

Dr Gupta uses comprehensive, unrivalled conventional and functional lab testing, leaving no stone unturned, to connect the dots and get to the root cause of your symptoms/disease. Scientific and lifestyle based 5R treatment plans devised from your results aim to reverse symptoms, prevent disease progression and optimise mental and physical well-being. Explore the profound impact through our extensive collection of positive testimonials.

All consultations are carried out in person, telephone or video. It is advised that first appointments are face-to-face consultations. We do however conduct remote consultations and remote tests.

First consultation: 1 hour – Doctor

This is an in-depth consultation to understand your comprehensive health history and includes a blood test.
Comprehensive blood tests will be taken to analyse multiple body systems.
Prior to the appointment you may also be asked to collect a first morning urine sample for testing and complete a medical questionnaire.

Follow-up consultation after 4 weeks: 1 hour – Doctor

A well-presented 3-month written treatment file will be given to you and all results discussed in detail. This empowering consultation aims to guide your self-healing journey in a sustainable way that aligns with your lifestyle. Please bring this folder to all appointments for continuous progress.

Full lab analysis and treatment plan report

Dr. Gupta dedicates a minimum of three hours meticulously analysing your laboratory results, skillfully connecting the dots that link your biochemistry with the clinical health timeline, which was formulated during the initial consultation. From this, a clear and easy to follow 5R treatment plan with a patient-friendly letter summarising the key findings, is written-up by Dr Gupta. The treatment report is then sent electronically and encrypted prior to the consultation, ready for discussion.


Further follow-up consultations after 3-6 months: 1 hour – Doctor

Progress review using further cutting-edge tests to dig deeper into your health issues including ground-breaking genetic tests, stool, hormone and heavy metal tests. During each results appointment you will be presented with a detailed written report and discussion of all the results. 



  • Fees per consultation:
    • £620 for the initial consultation and all face to face consultations (includes the blood draw)
    • £550 for online review consultations
  • Bloods are invoiced separately directly by the lab. It is difficult to estimate the exact cost as the bloods are tailored to each individual’s treatment plan.
  • Included: analysis and treatment plans. 
  • Included: email support between appointments.
  • Included: access to the members’ online page: Patient information and guidance leaflets.

Our transparent fee structure encompasses two key consultations: an initial review consultation and a subsequent results consultation. The fees are designed to cover not only the time spent during the consultation but also include the hours Dr Gupta spends on analysing reports, test results and writing up treatment plans outside of the consultation time.


We use the 5R’s Functional medicine programme as our approach to preventing and treating complex chronic dease and optimising health. 

Meet The Team

Functional Doctor – Dr Suman Gupta

Dr Suman Gupta trained as a GP and has over 19 years of valuable experience in the NHS. On completing the AFMCP training in Functional Medicine, she joined a team of global functional medicine leaders. Driven by her passion, she opened a centre of clinical excellence in functional medicine in London. Her profound expertise is in treating medically complex conditions in adults and children. Read more

Nutritional Therapist – Kate

Kate completed AFMCP training in Functional Medicine in 2018. She spent four years working in the clinician team for Genova Diagnostics, one of the leading functional testing laboratories.  She has a degree in Biology and Masters in Personalised Nutrition. She has been a practicing clinical nutritionist since 2006 and is also a qualified NLP practitioner and nutrition coach. 

Senior Administrator – Sophie

Senior Administrator – Sophie

As a senior team member with a psychology degree, Sophie works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the seamless operation of our exclusive CQC registered clinic, guaranteeing the best possible patient personalised experience and is the driving force behind our ability to provide prestigious care to all our patients.

Receptionist – Nicole

Nicole is the friendly face that sets the tone for the patient experience with us. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for ensuring every guest feels at home. Her commitment to efficiency and warm hospitality makes her an invaluable part of our team, ensuring that the first point of contact is always a positive one.

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I would like to say a big thank you for Dr Gupta's functional medicine appointment and advice. I am feeling so much better. The pains in my muscles and joints have disappeared. I don't feel anxious anymore and I have so much more energy. My hair has stopped falling out. My constipation has gone. My thyroid results have vastly improved. I've just had my cholesterol re-tested and this has reduced with a positive improvement in my LDL/HDL levels.
Emma B.