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I came to see Suman after not having much success with other medical professionals. Having read online about what Functional Medicine had to offer, it was encouraging to see that Suman came from a traditional medical background and combined that with Functional knowledge. It did not take long to identify issues with my gut and lifestyle factors contributing to the symptoms I was experiencing. Through regular consultations and tests, Suman was able to gently guide me to a better place with dietary advice and predominantly minerals, vitamins, and supplements to support recovery. I am confident that a longer-term solution has been reached by going to the root, which had I continued down the private medical route, would have resulted intrusive examinations and pharmaceuticals. B.R. Gut issues
In early 2020, I was diagnosed with Diabetes-this came as a shock to me and the thought of being on diabetes medication and living with a potentially progressive condition was frankly a depressing thought. I was also really concerned about starting conventional medicines (Metformin etc) that had unwanted side-effects. My sister then recommended that I consult Dr Gupta, a medical doctor who is also a functional medicine specialist. She has a waiting list of patients who need to consult her and I am very appreciative that she managed to give me an appointment after hearing my plea for help. Dr Gupta is empathetic and I immediately perked up after she outlined her plan for reversing the diabetes-she gave me hope. The treatment journey so far is a personalised diet and supplement regime based on a battery of periodic blood, urine and genetic tests. So far with her help the diabetes is reduced to pre-diabetes after 12 months and I am very hopeful that it will be completely reversed in the next few months. My health has improved overall and my comprehensive blood test results are much better. Dr Gupta focuses on dealing with the health complaint as well as improving overall health-I felt my body starting to change for the better as the treatment progressed. Thank you Dr Gupta and I look forward to completely reversing the diabetes with your help in the next few months.Dilip, Diabetes Type 2
I had been suffering from severe gastrointestinal issues, anxiety attacks, poor sleep and extreme fatigue. I had been to my GP on many occasions and had an array of tests done, but I kept being told there was nothing wrong with me. My quality of life, however, was deteriorating, affecting both my work and my personal life. I knew I had to seek alternative help so I started researching online and stumbled across functional medicine. Dr Gupta appealed to me straight away. I liked her simple and genuine approach. I also liked the fact that she had both a traditional & functional medicine background. She immediately made me feel comfortable and took the time to understand exactly what I was experiencing. Dr Gupta carried out several tests and carefully explained the results and what needed to change. I finally understood what was wrong and what I had to do. I made changes to my diet, lifestyle and took supplements. I finally feel in control of my life again and have more confidence in the journey ahead.Moji, Insomnia
I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in December 2019 (after visiting my GP several times with joint pains and swelling for 3 years). I was told by my Consultant that I need to take Methotrexate for the rest of my life (which will have severe side effects) which I bravely refused. That’s when I luckily found Dr. Gupta (through Google). Dr Gupta is calm, patient and understanding. After performing some blood tests, Dr. Gupta recommended dietary and lifestyle changes. I was also prescribed supplements. By following Dr. Gupta’s advice, within weeks I was back on my feet, running up and down the stairs, and full of energy. Before that, I wasn’t even able to hold my handbag!! FM doesn’t treat the symptoms; it treats what is causing those symptoms. It’s a complete holistic approach! I would recommend Dr Gupta without any hesitation to my family and friends. I could write more and more to praise Dr. Gupta. Really grateful. Thank you Dr. Suman Gupta once again!Simi Kondal, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Working with Dr.Gupta I have claimed back my health! I reached out to Dr.Gupta in 2018 feeling helpless with my health being at its lowest point I had ever experienced. I was tired, confused, overweight with a hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, PCOS and the more recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Touching my 40's was scary and I had lost hope in my health. Dr, Gupta's detailed, scientific, holistic yet dynamic approach to looking at my health from a functional medicine perspective was thorough and gave me so much confidence! For the first time ever, I actually understood what was going on in my body and how one condition was feeding other symptoms. With Dr. Gupta's guidance and detailed health plan, I reversed my type 2 diabetes within 4 months of diagnosis. I still remember my GP being very surprised and curious about how I turned that around! Dr. Gupta has helped me look at my health in totality, working with evidence through my reports but building in lifestyle shifts to sustain good health!R.M. Type 2 Dibabetes
I came to Dr Gupta (via Google) because I wanted the scientific rigour of someone who could diagnose and prescribe combined with the most natural approach possible to treatment. And I found the right person! There's the added benefit of her great "bedside manner" which makes appointments a genuine pleasure. Chronic conditions don't always resolve themselves overnight - but I see my treatment with Dr Gupta as an important long-term investment in my health.Carrie, Well-being