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I came to see Dr Gupta on advice of my wife (who was also a patient), as I started experiencing symptoms that I did not have when I was younger, including tiredness and proneness to catch common viruses. After just over a year of treatment, I have seen significant improvement in my energy level, my focus and my resilience. Following all the eating limitations may seem daunting at the beginning, but my body adjusted to it after a couple months and now it is difficult for me to see how I can go back to eating the way I used to. My body simply rejects unhealthy foods at this point. Denis, Immune issues
I went to see Dr Gupta for my five year old son after I was told by his school that he had difficulty sitting still, had trouble focusing and had issues with very picky eating, more than the average child. I didn’t accept that he was about to be labelled as something I believed he was not, so I started researching. I discovered there is increasing evidence to support the theory that gut microbiome can not only affect our physical health, but even the way we behave, think and feel. I knew an NHS doctor would not have the time, nor the knowledge to delve deep enough and investigate my son’s behavioural issues in a thorough and conclusive way. I needed help from a functional medical doctor, and that is when I came across Dr Gupta. I was comforted by the fact that she was a qualified GP but also had the expertise to look beneath the surface to find the root cause of what was really affecting my son’s behaviour. The tests she ran discovered a number of deficiencies in my son as well as sub-optimal gut health, and based on this, she suggested a tailored protocol. In all honesty, it took me several weeks to get my head round the changes I needed to put in place for him, but once I started, I embraced it wholly. In fact, it has affected everything I do, the way I think about my own health and the way I look after my whole family. Not even a year on, my son’s teachers have said he is now a different boy and they no longer have the concerns they had merely a few months ago. His ability to concentrate now has seen him become an advanced reader - well above average for his year group. In addition, his attitude towards food has completely changed. I cannot count just how many new foods he eats willingly now, and I wholeheartedly believe it is all down to Dr Gupta’s protocol, making changes at a fundamental level from within. We still have some work to do, but I never dreamed he would make such progress so soon. It makes me excited to think that we are helping our son reach his full potential right from the start, and for that I cannot thank Dr Gupta enough. AP, Child Behavioural issues
I’m 12 months or so into working with Dr. Gupta and I believe Suman is one of the best. I have no doubt that my progress is down to her incredible expertise and years of understanding the worlds of both conventional and functional medicine. Prior to this, I had tried working with various wellness practitioners attempting to find the root cause of my issues (rather than treating the symptoms) but never had a huge level of success. Years of work related stress, then burnout, hormone and gynaecology issues not to mention insomnia had left me exhausted, overweight and riddled with anxiety. I had gotten to the point where I believed, this was going to be life at 40 and it was all downhill from here on. This process is not for the faint-hearted, its hard work and involves serious commitment. However, I have made significant changes and seen HUGE results which continue to spur me on even further. The investment I have made in myself is the best investment I could ever make. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Gupta and have recommended her to everyone I know. AG, London. Stress & burnout
My motivation for making an appointment was because I was having unknown fertility issues. Conventional approaches felt intrusive and ignorant of any issues that my body might have had. After my first consult and test results, I was quite taken aback by the protocol presented to me and felt a little overwhelmed. However I put everything into it and I can truly say I’ve never felt so well in my life! It was obvious that my body was now getting what it needed and also avoiding what it didn’t. Really incredible. I continued to consult with Suman during my IVF and had regular consults, and I did get pregnant. Only 1 implant was needed and the most unremarkable pregnancy followed - I avoided the usual issues people complain of, as well as the more serious issues that 40+ women are at risk of. I couldn’t be more happier to consult with Suman in the future knowing how valuable & effective it has been. I am so grateful for her kind and thorough manner in treating me. I have no hesitation in recommending her.Louise M, Succesful fertility
Dr Gupta is that rarest form of doctor - she listens to your concerns, tests extensively and uses her wealth of experience to formulate a personal plan that treats you holistically. She is responsive in-between appointments and understands that we are all different. After 10 years of suffering with a variety of auto-immune related symptoms, she has put me on the road to recovery. I cannot recommend her enough.Reena, Autoimmune Disease
I came to see Suman after not having much success with other medical professionals. Having read online about what Functional Medicine had to offer, it was encouraging to see that Suman came from a traditional medical background and combined that with Functional knowledge. It did not take long to identify issues with my gut and lifestyle factors contributing to the symptoms I was experiencing. Through regular consultations and tests, Suman was able to gently guide me to a better place with dietary advice and predominantly minerals, vitamins, and supplements to support recovery. I am confident that a longer-term solution has been reached by going to the root, which had I continued down the private medical route, would have resulted intrusive examinations and pharmaceuticals. B.R. Gut issues