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I couldn’t recommend working with Dr Gupta more. She’s helped me change my life - and my partners - and lots of my friends see her now too and also love working with her. Dr G explains things very well with lots of expertise as well as practical action, kindness, hopefulness and positivity and good humour, thank you Dr G.Melissa, London
My health journey with Dr. Gupta has been very thorough and well structured. She takes took a lot time reviewing my previous health history to get a full understanding of my current state. Dr. Gupta works with the most comprehensive and innovative clinical laboratory services of the country to determine exact results in order to develop a very precise healthcare plan. I have been very happy so far and been able to improve all areas that we addressed as concerned! I would highly recommend Dr. Gupta.JF, Coeliac disease
I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in August 2017 at the age of 64. My symptoms comprised slowness in movement, tremor, stiffness, right arm not swinging when walking, pain in right leg, poor handwriting, loss of sense of smell and apathy. At the same time I was also diagnosed with Hypertension and Hives, which might also be symptoms of Parkinson's although unproven. Research indicates that although many trials have taken place there is still no cure for Parkinson’s using conventional medicines. I looked thoroughly into alternative medicines and chose Functional Medicine as the favoured option because of its holistic approach. After reviewing a number of Practitioners I selected Dr Gupta, who is an NHS Doctor as well as a functional practitioner. I first approached Dr Gupta in August 2018, a year after my diagnosis. She carried out comprehensive tests on me, ie bloods, urine and stool tests and based on the results and her analysis prescribed antibiotics, food supplements and dietary recommendations. The past four years with Dr Gupta has helped me greatly. I can now write legibly, move faster, walk swinging both armed, only experience tremor in my right hand when anxious, no pain in my leg, able to perform a range of exercises such as yoga and have no stiffness. My hypertension is under control and very importantly my Hives have been eliminated. I am really able to do all the things I used to do prior to my diagnosis. My neurologist comments at each annual appointment that I am managing my Parkinson’s extremely well, with little deterioration in my health, and I have not needed to increase the Parkinson’s medication, which remains at a low dosage since prescribed in 2017. Dr Gupta is a very kind, genuine person, knowledgeable and professional in her approach. I relate well to her and strongly believe that my current wellness is a direct result of her expertise in functional medicine and regular input into my health care. I will continue working with Dr Gupta in the string belief that I will maintain my positive progress and ‘keep the beast that is Parkinson’s’ at bay. Thank you Dr Gupta!Judith, Parkinson’s disease
I came to Suman after almost a decade of appointments, tests and scans with the NHS which showed that there was ‘nothing wrong’ with me. This was definitely not the case but the NHS, an institution which I still admire and support, did not appear to have the means to help me. Suman had successfully treated my friend and I hoped that she might succeed where they had failed. After one appointment, Suman identified what the problem was likely to be and suggested a strict change of diet and several supplements. Within a week, I felt significantly better and, as time has gone on (it has now been eleven months), I experience few symptoms and feel stronger than I have felt in ten years. My issues are not completely resolved yet but Suman reassures me that with time they will improve yet further. I am so grateful to Suman for her professionalism, the fact that she relies on extensive blood, urine and stool tests to give evidence-based treatment, and her sweet and caring nature. She has literally changed my life.Jenny, Complex medical symptoms
Stress and burnout left me a shadow of who I used to be. I was worried I’d never be myself again. Trying various ‘conventional’ private GPs/specialists to address heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks failed. Whilst well meaning, it felt the system they were operating in was antiquated. After being told by a cardiologist that I just had to live with constant heart palpitations, it was clear things weren’t working and thankfully I came across functional medicine, and eventually Dr Gupta. Thankfully I now feel fully back to myself. I am absolutely convinced that functional medicine is the future of healthcare. As for Dr Gupta, her bedside manner has been nothing short of outstanding throughout. She knows how to motivate, listens attentively and explains what is going on in your body in a way that I’ve never experienced. She offers the gold standard of healthcare as far as I’m concerned - I look forward to continuing to work with her to optimise my health for the long term.BG – Burnout
Dr Gupta has been treating me for 18 months. I had a diagnosis of Rhuematoid Arthritis & was treated with oral & subcutaneous steroids & an assortment of heavy duty medicines. We have worked on various tests & used supplements & diet to get me to a place that is pretty consistently pain free, mobile & happy for the first time in ages (I was diagnosed over decade ago). I have started to wean off the traditional drugs I was prescribed, Dr Gupta advises alongside recommendations from my Rheumatologist. It was debilitating & tiring to be in constant discomfort and very strange for me not to in control of my body and feel weak. It is joyous to see and feel the very real differences working with Dr Gupta has made. I have periods where I forget supplements or stray from my diet but the Dr is never condescending and I get back at it again. I am in a learning process & grateful to have such a knowledgable and worthwhile support resource helping me make beneficial long term health choices.Stacey, Rheumatoid Athritis (Autoimmune disease)