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13 Mar 2020

Self-Isolation…. Feed your adrenals and connect with yourself…

What do we do when we are FORCED to stop….and SELF – ISOLATE?

Over the last few weeks some have already had to slow down as business trips have been cancelled, meetings postponed and trade slows down. This is forced rest being imposed of those who simply don’t know how. How do we possibly cope with a 7-10 day period of self-isolation?

I am on day 2 of self isolation after I developed some mild flu-like symptoms yesterday. At first, that simply meant switching all my patient from face-to-face appointments to Skype appointments, at least until I lost my voice…. And then I had to REALLY stop. When was the last time we actually just stopped? Is this what it takes – a pandemic? Sadly, it seems so. It is undoubtedly, a world tragedy…. Many who are sick, those who have died and the burden on the worldwide health system. Perhaps we are being tested?… There are those who decide to stock pile, queues outside the pharmacy stores and those who think about cashing in on the crises. There seems to be lack of understanding of how connected we are. The virus, named Covid19 has shown us how connected we are.

Self isolation, and I couldn’t get a grocery delivery slot for 8 days. But I am thankful that I have kind friends who will deliver to my doorstep. I refuse to stock pile. Perhaps we could make it meaningful, feel how deeply connected we are. Let’s utilise this forced isolation period to boost our immunity and connect with our inner-selves. Feed our adrenals through self-care, kindness and sharing….