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14 Mar 2020

Covid19 – Coronavirus

With the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, Dr Gupta would like to take the opportunity to reiterate the Public Health England guidance and remind you that there are several steps you can take to reduce your chances of being exposed to respiratory viruses and to boost your immunity in the event of exposure. For the updated government advise please click here:

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13 Mar 2020

Self-Isolation…. Feed your adrenals and connect with yourself.

What do we do when we are FORCED to stop….and SELF - ISOLATE? Over the last few weeks some have already had to slow down as business trips have been cancelled, meetings postponed and trade slows down. This is forced rest being imposed of those who simply don’t know how. How do we possibly cope with a 7-10 day period of self-isolation? I am on day 2 of self isolation after I developed some mild flu-like symptoms...

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