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22 Nov 2017

Fasting Mimicking Diet

Yet another fasting diet fad… but is it??

The fasting mimicking diet (FMD) is a diet that involves severe caloric restriction for five days out of the month. It follows the same principle as fasting by temporarily depriving the body of food to take advantage of health benefits like increased fat burning and reduced inflammation. This forces the body to regenerate new cells and in turn has been shown in mice studies to reverse aging,  Diabetes Type 2 and autoimmune disease. It has also shown to clear the mind and improve cognition.

Cell regeneration has been an exciting focus of the FMD.  In one study the mice also showed evidence of significant liver and muscle regeneration as a result of FMD. This diet has been shown to rejuvenate the immune system and protect against cancer in mice. FMD has also been shown to reduce the number of tissues with inflammation and protect against inflammation-associated skin lesions

FMD clearly has numerous health benefits, but is not for everyone. It does have the potential to make some patients worse, depending on their condition and therefore medical advise should be seeked before starting the FMD.