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27 Oct 2023

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Teens

Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in teens is often complicated by the assumption that fatigue is a typical aspect of adolescence. Functional medicine seeks to break through this misconception, recognising and addressing the unique challenges faced by teens with CFS. There is much research to match the diagnosis of CFS to burnout. The stresses and pressures our young teens are under is overwhelming as they are expected to balance social, academic, and personal demands.

As a functional medicine doctor, addressing CFS in teenagers requires a comprehensive approach. Getting to the root cause of the fatigue is key, and whilst research remains inconclusive, factors such as viral infections, immune dysfunction, hormone imbalance, stress and genetics contribute to its complexity.

Functional medicine focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to CFS, combining medical interventions to address nutritional deficiencies, gut health and hormonal balance as well as lifestyle adjustments, and emotional well-being. This approach supports teens on their journey to recovery, promoting resilience and self-discovery.

By fostering awareness, understanding, and tailored support, we hope to contribute to a future where teens with CFS can thrive with hope and resilience.