What to expect, and cost

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We offer bespoke consultations, attentively listening, and aim to get to the root cause of your symptoms with view to seeing your health in the context of you as a whole person and not just in terms of your physical symptoms.

All consultations are carried out in person, telephone or via skype. It is advised that first appointments are face-to-face consultations. Thereafter, it is preferred that face-to-face consultations take place at least once a year.

First consultation: 1 hour – Doctor

This is an in-depth consultation to understand your comprehensive health history and includes a blood test.
Comprehensive blood tests will be taken to analyse multiple body systems.
Prior to the appointment you may also be asked to collect a first morning urine sample for testing.

Follow-up consultation after 4 weeks: 1 hour – Doctor

A written comprehensive treatment plan would have been prepared from all your comprehensive blood tests. A well-presented written treatment file will be given to you and all results discussed in detail.
This is an educational consultation which will empower you to take control of healing yourself so it is maintainable and fits with your lifestyle. Please bring your folder to all your appointments.

Further follow-up consultations after 3-4 months: 1 hour – Doctor

Progress review using further cutting-edge tests to dig deeper into your health issues including ground-breaking genetic tests, stool, hormone and heavy metal tests. During each results appointment you will be presented with a detailed written report and discussion of all the results.


  • Fees per consultation are £350. (Face-to-face, telephone or video)
  • Bloods are invoiced separately directly by the lab. It is difficult to estimate the exact cost as the bloods are tailored to each individual’s treatment plan.
  • FREE email support between appointments.
  • FREE access to the members’ online page: Patient information and guidance leaflets.

Home visits are optional.

We use the 5R’s Functional medicine programme as our approach to preventing and treating complex chronic dease and optimising health.

  1. Remove

    Toxins, allergens, parasites, bad bacteria and fungus.

    Comprehensive food allergy tests, stool tests and heavy metal tests help identify the irritants which cause widespread inflammation and chronic disease. Treatment involves the use of herbs, elimination diets and occasionally prescription medication as a means to remove the toxic burden on the body.

  2. Replace

    Vitamins and minerals

    A full blood analysis to identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies allows replacement through diet and food supplementation. Cutting-edge genetic tests aid careful titration of doses to optimise health for each unique individual.

  3. Re-inoculate

    Good gut flora

    Gut restoration proteins are used to strengthen the gut lining whilst using specific strains of good bacterial probiotics carefully selected as a result of the stool and blood analysis. Evolving research states that changes in the gut microbiota has profound effects on our nervous system, mental health and behaviors.

  4. Repair


    Interpretation of fatty acid and antioxidant status allows the use of antioxidants, amino acids and omega fatty acids to restore balance. This aims to reverse inflammation and optimise the immune system.

  5. Rebalance

    Hormones and mind

    Comprehensive ground breaking hormone, adrenal and thyroid testing to reveal the degree of hormonal imbalance. Treatment involves the use of natural extracts and prescription medications to restore overall hormonal balance. Addressing sleep and stress as contributing factors.

Meeting Dr.Gupta has been life-changing for me. I first consulted Dr. Gupta just over a year a go. I am in my mid-fifties and was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I suffered debilitating joint and bone aches, lethargy, poor sleep, with an inability to lose weight. Dr. Gupta is kind, sympathetic and encouraging and for the first time in months I felt someone was interested in helping me feel better. After exhaustive cutting-edge testing, Dr. Gupta formulated a personalised plan involving supplements, dietary advice and prescriptions. When I was presented with a folder with all my results and a plan going forward, I felt a weight had been lifted from me. Following her plan, my joint and bone pain started to subside within a couple of weeks - despite my oncologist telling me that was just something I had to put up with during my cancer treatment. I had been in pain for over 4 years. The fact that Dr. Gupta also practises with the NHS is reassuring, I would not feel comfortable consulting with someone who is not a qualified medical doctor, particularly when you already have a serious medical condition. Dr. Gupta's holistic approach based upon detailed scientific test results means that you have the best of both conventional and functional medicine. The breadth of testing means that there is a complete overall picture of your health, which is particularly important when you have several separate health issues.This would not be possible in a system where you have a 10 minute appointment where you can discuss only one issue. The saying 'your health is your wealth' could not be truer. My friends have all commented on my marked improvement in health and finding Dr.Gupta has been one of the best investments I have ever made.