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Long-Covid Package £850

Affordable along covid package

Course details:

Conditions: Long-Covid

Long Covid symptoms including chronic fatigue *

Programme Length:

3 Months

Programme Format:

Hybrid: 1 day face-to-face workshop, personalised treatment plans and a follow-up 1-2-1 virtual consultation.

Location: West London

Interactive: Group size of 6 participants

Date: August 2022


Long covid still remains poorly understood in conventional medicine. Functional medicine recognizes that 70% of our immune system is in the gut and this package uses comprehensive testing, with emphasis on immunity and inflammatory markers, to help identify the differences in baseline health of different individuals. Personalised treatment plans are aimed at improving fatigue, aiding cell repair and boosting recovery.

Course highlights:

  • Designed for those experiencing fatigue and unexplained symptoms following covid infection.
  • 3-month individualised written treatment plan
  • 1-2-1 results consultation
  • Full comprehensive lab testing (additional charge)
  • 1 day intensive, interactive workshop
  • Maximum group size of 6

Course details:

  • Full medical form and timeline to be completed on your confidential patient portal.
  • Attendance to a 1 day face-to-face intensive health education workshop, delivered by Dr Suman Gupta.
  • Attendance to our Harley Street Lab for your comprehensive blood test. Additional urine samples and genetic swabs are couriered from your home.
  • Tests are discussed to fit your budget and are invoiced directly by the labs: immune, toxin, viral and inflammatory markers as well as baseline conventional bloods and a full functional medicine vitamin, mineral, and gut panel. (Estimated cost £400-£800)
  • Full lab result analysis and preparation of an individualised 3-month written treatment plan by Dr Suman Gupta. Following, a clear treatment file will be sent to you.
  • 1-2-1 virtual 30-minute consultation to discuss the results and treatment plan.
  • Acute prescriptions and referral letters are included.
  • 1 Day Long-Covid Workshop outline: with Dr Suman Gupta.
    • Intensive health education on long covid, immunity and the role of functional and lifestyle medicine to reverse and remain symptom free.
    • Light breakfast and lunch provided.

Further information:

Many people who contracted COVID continue to experience chronic symptoms and issues months after contracting the virus. These symptoms can vary from mental health issues to physical symptoms, including muscle aches and fatigue. Although, there is evolving research around long COVID, functional medicine already recognizes that 70% of the immune system is within the gut. Furthermore, It embraces the differences in baseline health of different individuals, the differences in environment, and the impact this may have on the individual’s immunity. Thus, this invariably means the body’s immune response and ability to fight the infection can differ among individuals. Functional medicine encompasses a root cause approach to health.

This workshop focuses on sharing journeys and learning about how to implement the personalised strategies in order to minimise the symptoms, effects, and duration of long COVID.

Course fees:

Deposit *
Course Total **

* The deposit is non-refundable/non-transferable. It is included in the total fee and books a place on the course

** The balance is to be paid in full 4 weeks in advance of the course.

Numbers are limited.

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